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제품 센터
  • Name: AVA 시리즈
  • Description: 직사각형 보이스 코일 모터
  • AVA Series planar voice coil motors use high-performance permanent magnets. By electromagnetic and mechanical design and optimization, they have advantages of high force density, low mover mass, smooth motion, and quick response, etc.


Design Feature


A. No cogging effect, smooth motion

B. Low moving mass, quick response

C. Direct drive, high reliability

D. High-performance magnets, high force density



Stroke (mm)

Continuous Force (N)(100℃)

Peak Force   (N)

Coil Weight (g)

Total Weight  (g)

AVA1-20 20 2.74 8.2 17.0 186.0
AVA-2-20 20 10.08 30.2 45 496.0
AVA3-20 20 17.92 53.8 72 930.0

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