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Why Akribis
We design and manufacture direct drive motors, stages and precision systems for manufacturing, inspection and testing, and support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, solar, flat panel, hard disk, LED, printed circuit board, printing, photonics, and biomedical manufacturing, etc.
Our engineering expertise will consistently help our customers design the best motion control solutions for custom applications and advance to become state-of-the-art in development of direct drive motors and precision stages.
Linear Motors
From continuous force of 2.7 N to 10,000 N and with options for convection cooling, forced air cooling and water cooling, we have the most complete range of linear motors for all applications. 
Direct Drive Rotary Motors

Direct drive rotary motors (DDR) are motors that are designed to drive loads directly without the need of any transmission mechanism, such as gears or belts. These motors are also called torque motors. They use high energy permanent magnets to generate high torque.


Akribis offers various types of DDRs, including ADR-A series, ADR-B series, ADR-P series,ACD series, ACW series and AXD series. We also design many customized direct drive motors according to specific applications.
Voice Coil Motors
Voice coil actuator can implement linear motion. The thrust force is generated by the interaction between current in the coil and permanent magnet. The possible motion types include two-position control, servo control, and force control.
Linear Motor Stages
Akribis’ linear motor stages, driven by Akribis’ high quality linear motor, are suitable for a huge range of application area and have a large range of stroke.
Voice Coil Motor Stages
Akribis’ voice coil stages, driven by Akribis’ high quality voice coil motor, are suitable for the application with short stroke and high frequence.
Ball Screw Stages
Akribis’ ball-screw stages are built by high quality ball-screw, with reasonable cost-effective.
Drives and Controllers
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CNC Grantry Machining Centre

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Direct Driven Multi Axis Positioning Systems
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